lastwillpicWhy have you written or called me?
You have been contacted by our office because you may be a rightful heir to an estate of someone in your family that had died without a will.

How do you know that I am an heir?
We don’t know for sure right away but based on our genealogical search it is possible that you may be in the family line that we are researching.

How much money will I inherit?
When we begin working on an estate matter we start our research based upon what the Public Administrator’s Office has estimated the value of the estate.  This estimate is really just a calculation of what the decedents property (personal and real estate) was valued at time of death.

The final value of the estate will be formalized with a full accounting decree after everything has been liquidated including the sale of any real estate.  All these monies are then basically put into one account waiting for someone to claim it. Quite often, the estates which we work on amount to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

What happens to the money if no one claims it?
If the legal rightful heirs are not found, the money will simply go to the state and will be lost forever.

What will your company do for me?
Once we have identified you as a rightful heir, and you have agreed to become our client, we will complete the family tree and substantiate it with certified records of birth, marriage, and death.

An experienced kinship trial attorney will be retained on your behalf to represent you and any other heirs in your family.

Our company will act as  expert genealogists and testify in court as to the validity of the family tree.

What will you and the attorney charge me for your services?
We will work on a contingency basis.  If we are successful at recovering the assets to the rightful heirs then and only then will we be paid.  This amount is usually a percentage of the value of the estate.  All of the attorney’s fees will be paid from this.

If there is no recovery there will be no fee. Period.

Will I ever have to pay any money upfront?
Absolutely not.  All expenses are a cost of doing business for us.