Located near “Disney World”, Orlando, Florida, Gerard Cushing LLC was established in the State of New York in 1970. The company is licensed by the State of Florida to pursue family pedigree investigation and research and is also bonded in the State of Florida.

Forensic genealogy research involves researching a decedent’s pedigree to ascertain the names and whereabouts of the closest statutory next of kin, who when found would be entitled to inherit all or part of the intestate estate matter pending within the Probate Court.

Correspondents throughout the United States, Canada and Europe enable Gerard Cushing LLC to obtain valuable genealogical data for Probate Court purposes. All costs for documentation and legal expenses are usually borne by Gerard Cushing LLC , and a contingency fee arrangement is concluded between the company and its clients. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

The research process starts when correspondents review various probate and surrogate court files within the various metropolitan areas of the USA. Copies of the court papers are made and a new file is opened in the offices of Gerard Cushing LLC A genealogical search is then made to determine who the legal heirs of the decedent are.

Once their whereabouts are ascertained whether in the USA or in Europe, a financial agreement is concluded to protect their interests as alleged heirs. All documentary proof in certifiable form and witnesses to testify as to the heredity are obtained for the kinship hearing in court and all legal costs are borne by Gerard Cushing LLC The recovery process of returning the money to the “missing heirs”
may take a year or more depending on the court calendar etc. Only IF and WHEN the heirs receive recovery of the money, is Gerard Cushing LLC entitled to its fee for services rendered. No recovery, No fee!

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