Have We Contacted You?
If our office has called you or written to you then you have been identified as a potential heir.  Through investigative genealogical research we have traced your family down to you.

The research process started when correspondents in various probate courts have identified a person that has died “intestate” or without a will.  Copies of the court papers are made and a new file is opened in our office.  A genealogical search is then made to identify the legal heirs of that estate.  

If we have determined that you are truly a Rightful Heir we will ask you to become our client.

At this point we will ask you to enter into an agreement with us to protect the interests of all of the alleged heirs. Documentary proof is researched, witnesses are obtained, and all legal costs are paid for by CFG. The recovery process of returning the money to the rightful heirs may take a year or more depending on the court calendar.  

Only IF and WHEN the heirs receive recovery of the money, is CFG entitled to its fee for services rendered.  No recovery, No Fee.  At no time will you be asked for payment of any kind.